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Installation of AccountRight Plus v19


This page is dedicated for AccountRight Plus v19, not for other software versions.

These installation instructions detail how to install AccountRight Plus v19 using the file downloaded from Perdisco. If you obtained a copy of your MYOB software by other means, refer to the instructions that came with your copy of your MYOB software to install the software on your computer.

Remember, installing AccountRight Plus v19 requires: Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 2000 or higher. If you are using Windows 8 or higher, you will need AccountRight Plus v19.8 or higher. AccountRight Plus v19 does not run on Macintosh or other non-Windows operating systems.

Before you start - have you closed all open applications?

So that your MYOB software installs correctly, you need to exit all applications before you start the installation process. You may wish to print this page so you have access to these instructions during the installation process.

Installing AccountRight Plus v19

These installation instructions apply to all minor versions of AccountRight Plus v19 that you might be required to download and install from Perdisco. In particular, version 19.7 has been used to set out the exact instructions and screen shots on this page. However, the same instructions apply equally to v19.8 with the obvious changes to file names and versions.

Step 1: Locate the file 'AccountRight_Plus_v19.7_EDU.zip' (or 'AccountRight_Plus_v19.8_EDU.zip') that you downloaded from Perdisco. The image below shows this file downloaded into the 'My Documents' folder, but you may have saved your file into another folder.

Image of finding the installation file for your MYOB software

Step 2: Double click the zip file and select the 'Extract all files' option.

Image of finding the installation file for your MYOB software

Step 3: Accept the default location for the extracted files and click'Next'. The files will be now extracted.

Image of finding the installation file for your MYOB software

Step 4: Locate the extracted file named 'setup.exe' and run that file. If you are shown any warning messages, please accept them and run the setup file.

Image of finding the installation file for your MYOB software

Step 5: The InstallShield Wizard will run.

Image of InstallShield Wizard

Step 6: The following window will appear. Ensure you have closed all open applications and windows except the AccountRight Plus v19.7 ED Install window. Then, click Next.

Installation wizard - image 1

Step 7: Read the terms of the license agreement. If you agree with the terms of the license, select 'I accept the terms of the license agreement' and then click Next. If you do not agree with the terms of the agreement, select 'I do not accept the terms of the license agreement' to exit the installation process.

Licence agreement

Step 8: Select whether you wish to install all features of your MYOB software or if you wish to customise the installation.

If you are completing our software practice set we recommend you chose the Complete option to install all features of your MYOB software.

Then, select the folder in which your MYOB software is to be installed. You may accept the folder suggested to you or click the Browse button to select an alternative destination (such as C:\Program Files\MYOB). Make a note of where you install your software in case you need to access these files in the future.

Once you have made your selections, click Next.

Select install type and destination folder for installing your MYOB software

Step 9: Select the Program Folder to which the program icons are to be added. Click Next.

Select program folder image

Step 10: Review your selected settings. Use the Back button if you wish to change any of the settings, otherwise click Next to begin the installation process.

Install summary

Step 11: Your MYOB software will then begin to install. This process may take some time. You will know when the installation process is complete when you see the following message.

Image of installation complete

Step 12: Click the Finish button to close the InstallShield Wizard. A web browser will then open to the Welcome page of the 'Online help' feature that is installed with your MYOB software. You may browse the topics in this feature or close your web browser.

Image of the Online help web page

Step 13: Finally, you will be shown a window inviting you to register for software updates. Since you are using the student version of the software, you do not have a serial number and cannot register for updates. Simply click the close button to dismiss this window.

Image of installation complete

A very helpful hint!

At any time you may access the 'Online help' feature that comes with your MYOB software. When you are in your MYOB software and you wish to view the help for a window you have open, simply press the <F1> key on your keyboard. This opens up a web browser to the page that displays information on the window that you were currently using in your MYOB software when you pressed <F1>.

Now that you have installed your MYOB software, you are probably keen to open it and have a look. A great place to start is by reviewing our Exploring your MYOB software page in the Getting started section of this learning centre.

Remember, when using your MYOB software you should regularly back up your company file. The Back up your company files topic in this section of the learning centre will show you how. You will also find instructions on how to Restore your company files in case you ever need to do this. While these sections may not mean much to you now, you should remember to come back and review them after you have entered a few transactions into your MYOB software. If you ever need to restore your company file you will be thankful that you did!

Please note: Apart from the installation instructions provided on this page, Perdisco cannot provide installation or technical support for your MYOB software. For further assistance with your MYOB software, please contact your lecturer.

Additional information for students outside Australia

If you are a student who is completing our software practice set, you will be required to enter information in Australian dollars into your MYOB software and into the practice set website. Since your MYOB software will use the currency set in your Windows operating system, you will need to change the settings in your operating system if it is not already set to use Australian dollars. For instructions on how to change the currency and date formats of your Windows operating system, visit the Change the system currency and date format page of this Learning Centre.

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