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Getting started

Lost as to where to begin? This section introduces the basic features of your MYOB accounting software. If you have not yet installed your MYOB software, begin by referring to the Installation instructions in the Software section of this Learning Center.

In this section you will use the sample company, Clearwater Pty Ltd, to familiarise yourself with the layout of the main window in your MYOB accounting software. You learn how to enter basic information into your MYOB software, including how to create a new company file. Finally, you will discover a whole world of information at your fingertips with the reporting function in your MYOB software. To obtain a brief overview of those topics, you should watch our video tutorial.

The topics covered in this introductory section are summarised in the Key Topics list below. To view our step-by-step instructions and screen illustrations of a particular topic, just click on that topic link now.

Key Topics

Exploring your MYOB software

This is a great place to start learning about your MYOB accounting software. You will explore the company file for the sample company, Clearwater Pty Ltd, and learn how to navigate in your MYOB software by learning the key parts of the main window.

Entering information into your MYOB software

Now that you are familiar with the main window and parts common to many windows in your MYOB software, let's learn how to use your mouse and keyboard to enter information into your MYOB software.

Create a new company file

Learn how to create a new company file in your MYOB software. This section shows you the information you need to build your company file using the New Company File Assistant.


Your MYOB software allows users to run various types of reports. Discover how you can use the Index to Reports window to display and customise reports.

Video tutorial: Getting started

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