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MYOB Learning Centre


Welcome to the MYOB Learning Centre, Perdisco’s reference guide on using:

  • Accounting Plus v18, and
  • AccountRight Plus v19.

In our Learning Centre, you will be able to access extensive learning resources including video tutorials, numerous screen illustrations and detailed step-by-step instructions on using your MYOB software.

This MYOB Learning Centre has been published by Perdisco to support our range of innovative software accounting practice sets. The production team responsible for this MYOB Learning Centre was led by Raechel Wight and Julyana Cahyadi.

Summary of content

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To help you master the key software features that are tested in our software accounting practice sets, we have organised our learning resources into sections. The sample company file provided with your MYOB software (Clearwater Pty Ltd) is used to illustrate the concepts and tasks that are covered in the sections below:

  • Software. This section provides instructions on how to install your MYOB software, set your computer to use Australian dollar and date formats, as well as how to back up your company files and restore them should you ever need to do this.
  • Getting started. Once you have obtained access to your MYOB software, if you are lost as to where to start, we recommend reading this section that introduces you to the windows-based user interface that is used in this software. Here you will also find instructions on how to create a new company file and display customised reports in your MYOB software.
  • Setup. This section shows how to set up a new company file using the Easy Setup Assistant, from setting up your accounts list (chart of accounts) to setting up records for customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Accounts. This section introduces you to Accounts Command Centre where you are able to use the Record Journal Entry window to record an entry into the general journal in your MYOB software.
  • Banking. This section explains how to record miscellaneous cash transactions, prepare a bank deposit and prepare a bank reconciliation in your MYOB software.
  • Sales. This section covers how to record the key steps in the sales cycle from recording a sales order to recording the collection of an accounts receivable.
  • Purchases. This section shows you how to record the key steps in the purchases cycle from recording a purchase order to recording the payment of an accounts payable.
  • Payroll. This section explains how to record a salary payment to an employee.
  • Inventory. Find out how you can add an item of inventory into your MYOB software so you are ready to record transactions relating to inventory.
  • Troubleshooting. As an added bonus, we have specifically created the troubleshooting section that shows you how to find and fix errors quickly.
  • Videos. This section allows you to view all of the videos that are available in this Learning Centre.
  • Quick Reference. Finally, read this section to obtain a quick overview of your MYOB software and its functionality as well as a set of procedures that you must follow when entering information into your MYOB software.
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Helpful Hint!

Note that if you are completing one of our software accounting practice sets, you are asked to perform the following tasks:

  • Create a new company file. For instructions on how to create a company file, see the Create a new company file topic in the Getting started section of this Learning Centre.

  • Record transactions. Instructions on how to record transactions are also provided in different sections of this Learning Centre. For instructions on how to record a transaction, you first need to identify the appropriate transaction type and locate the detailed instructions for that transaction type in the appropriate section of the Learning Centre. For example, if you are looking for instructions on how to record a sales order, go to the Recording a sales order topic in the Sales section of this Learning Centre.

Navigating the Learning Centre

There are many ways to navigate the Learning Centre. One way is to use the menu bar that is displayed on the top left side of this page. Notice that there is an arrow symbol ‘>’ next to some of the section links such as Troubleshooting. This indicates that each of those sections contains further pages with more detailed instructions about the topics being taught.

Note that you can expand this menu bar by clicking the arrow symbol ‘>’ that is shown next to some of the section links such as Troubleshooting. Clicking the arrow symbol next to a particular section will result in the menu bar displaying a list of topics covered in that section and will also open the main page of that section. To view detailed instructions about a particular topic, just click the appropriate topic link on the menu bar or on the section main page.

Alternatively, another way is to use the site map to see the overall structure of the Learning Centre and every page within it.

Use, copyright and disclaimers

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