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Purchases Command Centre

This section shows you how to use your MYOB software to record the key steps in the purchases cycle. You will begin by learning how to prepare a purchase order for your business. Next, you will discover ways to record various types of purchase transactions and how to record the payments to your inventory suppliers. Finally, you will learn how to record a purchase return just in case you need to return items of inventory to your suppliers.

The topics covered in this section are summarised in the Key Topics list below. To view our step-by-step instructions and screen illustrations of a particular topic, just click on that topic link now.

Key Topics

Recording a purchase order

The purchase order functionality allows you to record a purchase order now but have the general ledger accounts updated at a later time when you receive the inventory from the supplier. This topic demonstrates where and how to enter purchase order information into your MYOB software.

Purchase transactions

Find out how you can use your MYOB software to record various types of purchase transactions, from converting a purchase order to a purchase invoice (bill) to recording credit and cash purchases (and everything in between!).

Settlement of an accounts payable

In this topic you will learn how to record the settlement of a payable owed to a supplier.

Purchase returns

Purchased goods are sometimes returned to the suppliers for various reasons. This topic shows where and how a purchase return is recorded in your MYOB software.

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