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Troubleshooting Techniques

This section provides troubleshooting techniques that will help you find and fix errors in your company file. You will begin by learning how to search for transactions using the Find Transactions window, command centre registers and the transaction journal functionality. Finally, you will also learn about the different methods of correcting errors. To obtain a brief overview of those techniques, you should watch our video tutorial.

Three troubleshooting techniques are covered in this troubleshooting section as summarised in the Key Topics list below. To view our step-by-step instructions and screen illustrations of a particular technique, just click on that technique link now.

Key Topics

Using the Find Transactions window

The Find Transactions window allows you to search for transactions previously recorded in your MYOB software. You can enter as many search criteria you want using the information you have on hand. Note that this window also allows you to drill down to view individual transactions in detail.

Finding transactions using command centre registers

You can use a range of command centre registers to find the transactions you want. Please bear in mind that this way of searching is not as comprehensive as using the Find Transactions window as set out above. Nevertheless, those registers are handy if you know the type of transactions you are looking for before you start the search. From the command centre registers, you can also drill down to original transaction information in detail.

Editing a transaction

This topic shows you how to set the security preference of your company file so that you are able to modify transactions directly. It also shows you how to correct errors in transactions that have already been recorded in your MYOB software.

Video Tutorial: Troubleshooting Techniques

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