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Change the system currency and date format

The MYOB software takes its settings for currency and date formats from your computer's Windows® operating system - these items are not set (and cannot be set) from within the MYOB software itself.

If you are a student who is completing our software practice set, you will be required to use Australian dollars and the Australian date format when entering information into your MYOB software and into the practice set website. Since your MYOB software will use the currency and date format set in your Windows operating system, you will need to change these settings in your operating system if it is not already set to use Australian dollars and date formats.

This topic shows you how to change these settings in Windows 7. If you are using a different version of the Windows operating system, the exact steps may differ from the instructions provided on this page but you can still use this page to help you.

Step 1: Go to the Windows start button and select Control Panel.

Open Control Panel image

Step 2: Once the Control Panel is open, select the "Clock, Language, and Region" heading.

Select Clock, Language, and Region image

Step 3: Next, select the "Region and Language" heading.

Select Region  and Language image

Step 4: In the Region and Language dialogue box, select the Format tab and using the Format drop down list, select "English (Australia)". This will change the date, time, and currency settings on your computer to be compatible with your software practice set. Click OK to save the changes.

Select English (Australia) from the Format drop down list image

If necessary, once you have completed your software practice set, use these instructions to change your computer's format settings back to their original values.

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