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Employee defaults

Before you are able to enter information about individual employees, you first need to set up basic information that applies to all of the employees in your business. This set up process will save you time when entering employee details because you do not have to repeatedly enter the same information for the majority of the employees.

To set up employee defaults, ensure you are in the Employees & Payroll Navigation Center. Click the Payroll Setup icon and select Set Up Employee Defaults from the list of options provided. Alternatively, from the same Navigation Center, you can also set up employee default information by clicking the Employees icon and selecting Set Up Employee Defaults from the drop down list provided.

Select set up employee defaults

The Employee Defaults window then appears as shown below.

The Employee Defaults window - general tab

This window has several tabs in which to enter default information about employees:

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Helpful Hint!

If you are completing the Sage 50 Practice Set, you will need to use the Employee Fields tab and the Company Fields tab to enter the default information provided.

  • General - allows you to set up basic default information for your employees.
  • Employee Fields - determines how various employee payroll taxes and benefits should be calculated.
  • Company Fields - records information about how employer paid taxes and contributions should be calculated.
  • Review Ratings - allows you to add up to 10 performance review ratings that your company uses when rating or reviewing employees.
  • Employment Status - allows you to add up to 10 Employment Statuses that you may wish to use to classify your employees, such as Current Employee or Leave of Absence.

Rather than read about the different employee default options available, the best way to learn about them is to open and explore Sage 50 using the sample company, Bellwether Garden Supply. Follow the steps above to view the Employee Defaults window and click through each tab to find out the information that is able to be modified in different tabs.

OK button If you are making any changes to the Employee Defaults window, remember to review your changes and click the OK button to save your changes.

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