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System Navigation Center

This section introduces you to the System Navigation Center in Sage 50. This section provides instructions on how to back up your Sage 50 data files and restore them should you ever need. For a brief overview of how to backup and restore your company data files in Sage 50 you may find it useful to watch the video tutorial below.

The topics covered in this section are summarized in the Key Topics list below. To view our step-by-step instructions and screen illustrations of a particular topic, just click on that topic link now.

Key Topics

Back up your company data files

An important procedure when using any computer software package is to back up your data on a regular basis. This topic shows you how to back up your company data files just in case you ever need to recover your work.

Restore your company data files

When things don't go according to plan, you may need to recover your company data files. This topic shows you the process of how to restore your company data files from a backup file created earlier.

Video Tutorial: Back up and restore your company data

This video from Sage University demonstrates how to back up and restore your company data files. Note that this video contains other topics and that the relevant section occurs between 5:22 and 7:04. This video will beging playing at 5:22. You can view other videos from Sage by visiting their Sage 50 YouTube channel.

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Helpful Hint!

If you are completing the Sage 50 Practice Set, you need to be be aware that the instructions on how to perform certain tasks in Sage 50 in this video may be slightly different than the instructions provided in this Learning Center. Additionally this video may contain information that is not relevant to your practice set. However, you may still find this video useful as an introduction to using Sage 50. If in doubt, always follow the instructions in your practice set and in the helpful hint boxes provided throughout this Learning Center.

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