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Recording a salary payment

Once you have setup your payroll in your MYOB software and added your employees' details into your MYOB software, you are ready to record a salary payment to an employee. This topic shows you where and how to enter the salary paid to an employee into your MYOB software.

To record a salary payment into your MYOB software, open the Payroll Command Centre and select Process Payroll.

Select Process Payroll

This displays the Process Payroll Assistant where you can enter the details of the salary payment. The Process Payroll Assistant is made up of several windows that can be accessed either by clicking on the item in the list to the left of the window (under the MYOB logo), or by clicking the Next button. The following screenshots and reference table show step-by-step instructions on how to enter a salary payment into the Process Payroll Assistant in your MYOB software. Note that each step is assigned a reference number to help you identify the appropriate field or icon in the screenshots.

The Process Payroll Assistant with reference numbers

The Process Payroll window - image 1
The Process Payroll window - image 2 The Process Payroll window - image 3
The Process Payroll window - image 4
Step MYOB software field or icon Action
Select Pay Period window
1 Process individual employee Select the 'Process individual employee' option. Then, click the search icon to open the Select from List window where you can select the employee to which the salary payment is made. Click the Use Employee button to select the employee.
2 Payment date Enter the date the salary is to be paid.
3 Pay period start Enter the first day of the pay period to which the salary payment relates to.
4 Pay period end Enter the last day of the pay period to which the salary payment relates to.
5 Next button Click the Next button to move to the Select & Edit Employee's Pay window.
Select & Edit Employee's Pay window
6 Edit column Click the zoom arrow Search icon next to the employee to open the Pay Employee window.
Pay Employee window
7 Cheque No. If this field displays Auto # then your MYOB software automatically assigns the next cheque number to this cheque. You may accept this cheque number or enter a specific cheque number if required.
8 Amount column

Read the hint below on PAYG
Your MYOB software automatically calculates the base salary and PAYG withholding amounts based on the information entered when that employee was set up in your MYOB software. You can accept those amounts or manually adjust them by typing in the required amount. Note that the PAYG Withholding amount is to be entered as a negative number.
9 OK button Once you have reviewed the details in the Pay Employee window, click the OK button to return to the Select & Edit Employee's Pay window. Notice that the Net Pay for that employee has been updated to reflect any changes made in the Pay Employee window.
Select & Edit Employee's Pay window
10 Record button Click the Record button. If you are presented with a message, read that message and click the Continue button to record the salary payment, journalise the transaction and post it to the applicable accounts. You will know that the payment has been recorded when you receive a message informing you that the paycheque has been recorded successfully. Click the OK button. You can then close the Process Payroll Assistant.
Puzzle icon

Helpful Hint on PAYG!

If you are completing our MYOB software practice set, it is likely that you will need to change the PAYG Withholding amount calculated by the software on some or all of your payroll amounts. This is by design - to ensure that you understand that you can change the amounts and that you know how to do so. If you change the PAYG Withholding amount, remember to enter the PAYG Withholding amount as a negative number.

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