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Your MYOB software has many pre-programmed reports that can be accessed with a click of a button (or three!) This section shows you how to display those reports and customise the detail contained within them to suit your reporting needs.

Displaying reports

To display a list of reports available in your MYOB software click the reports button at the bottom of the command centre. Alternatively, select Reports, then Index to Reports from the menu bar.

Open Index to Reports window

This opens up the Index to Reports window where you can search through the list of reports available in your MYOB software. The following screenshot and reference table explain the sections of the Index to Reports window.

Index to Reports window
No. Description
1 Report category tabs:
Notice that the reports available in your MYOB software are organised under different tabs that generally correspond to the command centres. When you open the Index to Reports window, your MYOB software opens the tab corresponding to the command centre you are currently in. Simply click on the relevant tab if you wish to view a different set of reports.
2 Name column:
This section shows the names of the reports available under that tab. This list will change depending on the tab selected.
3 Report description:
This panel displays a description of the selected (highlighted) report. In this case this panel displays a description of the Accounts List Summary report, because that is the report selected in the name column.
4 Customise button:
Click this button to open the Report Customisation window for the selected report. This is where you are able to change certain details of the content of the selected report before displaying or printing.
5 Display button:
Click this button to open the Report Display window where you can view the report prior to printing. Note that you are able to customise the report from this window.

You should take some time to look through all the reporting categories to familiarise yourself with the location of various types of reports in your MYOB software. Note that for certain reports, the name of the report as displayed in the Name column is different to the name displayed at the top of the printed report. The following table may help you to locate some of the more common reports.

Report name Location
Tab Name column heading Select...
Accounts List [Detail] Accounts Accounts Accounts list Detail
Balance Sheet Accounts Balance Sheet Standard Balance Sheet
Profit & Loss Statement Accounts Profit & Loss Profit & Loss [Accrual]
Trial Balance Accounts Accounts Trial Balance
Reconciliation Report Banking Cheques and Deposits Reconciliation Report
Aged Receivables [Summary] Sales Receivables Ageing Summary
Aged Payables [Summary] Purchases Payables Ageing Summary
Items List [Summary] Inventory Items Items List Summary
General Journal Accounts Transaction Journals General Journal
Sales & Receivables Journal Sales Transaction Journals Sales & Receivables Journal
Cash Receipts Journal Banking Transaction Journals Cash Receipts
Purchases & Payables Journal Purchases Transaction Journals Purchases & Payables Journal
Cash Disbursements Journal Banking Transaction Journals Cash Disbursements
Payroll Journal Payroll Transaction Journals Payroll Journal

Customising reports

To change the detail of what is displayed in a given report, click the Customise button toward the bottom of the Index to Reports window. This opens the Report Customisation window for the report highlighted in the Name column. Note that you can also access the Report Customisation window by double clicking the name of the report in the Name column or by clicking the Customise button when you display the report on screen.

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Helpful Hint!

If you are completing our software practice set, you may be required to select a specific date range or report level for a given report. If these options are available for a given report, you can specify them in the Advanced Filters tab.

In the Report Customisation window you can change various reporting options for that report. The reporting options available will differ depending on the report selected.

One reporting option you may need to change is the report level. The report level controls the amount of detail displayed in a given report. Level 4 shows the most detail, level 1 the least. Open up your MYOB software and try this out using the Profit & Loss Statement to see for yourself!

Modify report window - Advanced Filters tab

Another common change is to specify whether the report is to include $0.00 balances or account numbers. These options can be specified in the Finishing tab.

Modify report window - Finishing tab

If you are completing our software practice set, you are asked not to change other default settings in the Report Customisation window

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