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Sage 50 has many pre-programmed reports that can be accessed with a click of a button (or three!) This section shows you how to display those reports and customize the detail contained within them to suit your reporting needs.

Displaying reports

In the menu bar in Sage 50, simply click Reports & Forms and then select the appropriate reporting category. Sage 50 provides twelve reporting categories, from Accounts Receivable to Daily Register. In this case, we have selected the General Ledger category.

Report categories

This opens up the Select a Report or Form window that displays the list of reports available under that category. In the following example, there are nine reports available for the General Ledger reporting category.

Selecting a report

Helpful Hint!

Reports icon

You can also access the Select a Report or Form window by clicking on the reports icon in the tasks section of the Navigation Center.

Notice that from this window, you can also access any of the other reporting categories. You should take some time to look through all the reporting categories to familiarize yourself with the location of various types of reports in Sage 50.

Display icon

To view a report such as the General Ledger Trial Balance report, highlight that report in the list and click the Display icon. Alternatively, double click the name of that report and it will open in a new window.

Customizing reports

Options icon

To change the detail of what is displayed in a given report, click the Options icon at the top of that report.

This will reveal a Modify Report window where you can change various reporting options.

Modify report window

These options will differ depending on the report selected. For example, you may be able to change the dates covered by the report, or select a check box to include accounts with zero balances in that report. Once you have made your changes to modify the report, click OK. You will notice that Sage 50 automatically applies the modifications to the report you have open.

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