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Customer setup

Before you are able to enter transactions relating to customers, you first need to set up your customers in Sage 50. But before you even add the details of your customers into Sage 50, there are two general steps to be performed:

These steps are performed from the Customers & Sales Navigation Center in Sage 50. Open Sage 50 to that navigation center now and follow along with the instructions below.

Setting up customer default information

Customer default information is information that applies to all of your customers unless you specify otherwise. By setting up this customer default information before adding your customers into Sage 50, you save time by not having to enter this same information over and over again for the majority of your customers.

To set up the customer default information, click the Customers icon and from the list of available options, select Set Up Customer Defaults.

Select customer defaults

The Customer Defaults window will be displayed as follows:

Customer defaults window
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Helpful Hint!

If you are completing the Sage 50 Practice Set, you will use the Terms and Credit Tab and will also need to check the information entered into the Finance Charges tab.

Here you can enter information that will apply to all customers, such as the credit terms for any discounts offered to your customers for early repayment of their account. You can click the tabs in the Customer Defaults window to change other types of information relating to customers.

Rather than read about the different customer default options available, the best way to learn about them is to open Sage 50 and have a look at them yourself! Using the sample company, Bellwether Garden Supply, follow the directions above to open the Customer Defaults window. Then click through each tab taking note of the information that is able to be changed within each field.

Note that even though you use the Customer Defaults window to set up default settings that apply to all customers, you are able to override this default information for particular customers. This is shown in the topic Changing a customer's default information.


Setting up a new sales tax

Sales Taxes icon

If you are completing the Sage 50 Practice Set you will need to be able to set up a new sales tax in Sage 50. In the Customers & Sales Navigation Center, select the Sales Taxes icon. This opens the Set Up Sales Taxes window:

Set up a new sales tax window

Select 'Set up a new sales tax' and click Next. Continue carefully, entering the information from your Practice Set into this window, clicking Next after each step. You will know you have reached the final screen (there are four screens in total) when you see the Finish button. Once you click Finish your new sales tax is saved and able to be used in your Sage 50 Practice Set.

Note that the Set Up Sales Taxes window may not close automatically when you press Finish. If the Set Up Sales Taxes window remains open after you click Finish, you are able to close the window by pressing the X at the top right corner of the window.

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