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Generating an account reconciliation report

After you have reconciled the balance of your cash ledger account to the ending balance shown on the bank statement, you are now ready to generate the bank reconciliation statement using Peachtree's account reconciliation report functionality. There are many ways to display and print an account reconciliation report in Peachtree.

One way is to open the Account Reconciliation window that is used to prepare the bank reconciliation. To do this, open up the Banking Navigation Center and click the Reconcile Accounts icon.

Select reconcile accounts

This opens the Account Reconciliation window. To generate a report for a particular account, click the magnifying glass icon next to the Account to Reconcile field and select the appropriate ledger account. Peachtree will then show details of the most recent reconciliation for that account. Next, click the Reports icon at the top of the window and select Account Reconciliation from the list of options provided to obtain a preview of the account reconciliation report.

The Account Reconciliation window

Peachtree then displays a preview of the account reconciliation report. Click the Print icon to obtain a hard copy of the report.

The Account Reconciliation window - Preview Reports icon

Alternatively, another way to view the account reconciliation report is to click the Reports icon in the tasks section of the Banking Navigation Center. This opens the Select a Report or Form window that is shown below.

The Select a Report or Form window

Double click the Account Reconciliation option to display the report of the most recent reconciliation.

Print icon

Again, to obtain a printout of that report click the Print icon. Note that there are other ways to generate the account reconciliation report for a ledger account. We encourage you to explore Peachtree to find the way that best works for you!

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For more information on Peachtree's report functionality, visit the Reporting topic in the getting started section of this Learning Center.

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