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What is a Perdisco e-workbook?

A Perdisco e-workbook is a collection of interesting, highly interactive practice, homework and assessment questions covering a specific subject or course.

Why do I need it?

By offering additional practice opportunities, Perdisco e-workbooks can better help you understand your course content beyond the examples given in class or in your textbook.

With detailed step-by-step solutions and in-depth academic feedback provided, many students who use e-workbooks describe them as like having a 24/7 virtual tutor.

How is it different to the e-learning that comes with my textbook?

If your course's prescribed textbook comes with e-learning, you will likely find that it consists of simple multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank style questions.

Unlimited practice:
Perdisco writes large pools of interactive questions to cover each topic from different angles, with mathematical models to randomize the details within each question so that you can keep practising over and over until you completely understand.

VirtualTutor feedback:
Our detailed solutions and personalized academic discussions are dynamically tailored to the exact question you are provided with and the answer you submitted. The feedback given by your textbook's e-learning (if any) is likely to refer you to an example solution within your textbook and will often leave you wondering how to apply that solution to the question you just answered.

Customized to your course:
Perdisco works with your instructor to ensure that your e-learning content is customized to closely match the structure and learning objectives of your course. The e-learning that comes with your textbook is generally written to cover the content of your textbook and is unlikely to be customized to specifically match your particular course.

How much do Perdisco e-workbooks cost?

Depending on the type of e-learning and the content covered, Perdisco e-workbooks generally costs between $20 and $50 per student - which is considerably less than many of the textbooks students are required to purchase.

Why aren't e-workbooks free?

Often there is an unreasonable expectation that since web-based content is intangible, it should therefore be offered for free. This perception is not helped by textbook publishers who hide the cost of their e-learning by including it in the cover price of their textbooks.

When you consider the time and resources involved in the development of our sophisticated e-learning, it becomes obvious that web publishing is by no means a cost-cutting method. In fact, our content is simply too complex to publish via any other medium!