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VirtualTutor features

VirtualTutor technology is built into our online practice sets to offer:

AutoGrade technology

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To save you time and money on grading, our online VirtualTutor practice sets grade themselves as students complete them. Perdisco’s exclusive AutoGrade functionality assigns more than 400 points for the Electronics Specialist VirtualTutor practice set, and over 130 points for the Corporate Gift Baskets practice set. In doing so, very fine-grained control over grading outcomes is achieved.

Our AutoGrade implementation has been designed by a team of accounting instructors, instructional designers and computer professionals, whose aim is to replicate the judgments an instructor would make when hand-grading traditional paper practice sets - in a manner that is guaranteed to be without bias.

AntiCheat functionality

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Perdisco's exclusive AntiCheat functionality allows you to control the number of practice set versions available in your course. Each version contains unique transactions, contexts and numeric values to ensure that students can collaborate on process, but cannot copy each others' work.

When you adopt a VirtualTutor practice set, your students will login to Perdisco's website and automatically receive their unique version. Grading and feedback are also automated in these practice sets. There is nothing for you to do in the delivery or administration process (except receive the final results)!

You can choose to deliver either:

One version One practice set version:
to encourage students to work together
Many versions A unique practice set for every student:
to stop cheating altogether

Verifying Sage 50 files: You can optionally choose to have your students submit their Sage 50 data files and particular report printouts to you for manual review. Our AntiCheat technology can then help you verify that students are submitting reports and files that genuinely reflect their own attempt at the practice set by providing you with key values that were unique to each student and specific answers (including mistakes) that individual students made during their attempt.

Please understand that asking your students to submit printouts or files for manual review is entirely optional (and will add workload and/or expense for you or your department). We believe our VirtualTutor and AutoGrade functionality is sufficient to ensure credible learning and assessment outcomes without any manual involvement from you.

Ongoing performance feedback

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Using our VirtualTutor technology, online practice sets provide students with performance feedback as they submit each page of their practice set. The feedback is based on the unique numeric values and contexts used in each student's own version of the practice set. Students tell us that this is like having a personal tutor available 24/7 to help them whenever they need it.

Back-on-track functionality

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Our back-on-track functionality prevents students from carrying errors throughout their entire practice set by quickly correcting those mistakes after they happen.

Of course, this functionality does not change the points that have been awarded to a student for their attempt to date nor allow them to retrospectively change their submitted answers. However, it does mean that an early mistake can be used as a learning experience and is not subsequently compounded by then flowing through the remainder of the student's attempt.

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