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The Customisation of Perdisco e-Learning Resources to Enhance Student Learning in an Accounting Course in Various Locations Using Differing Modes of Learning

Susan Bolt, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia, Australia
Siân Flynne, Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia, Australia

Source: The International Journal of Learning
Volume 16, Number 6, 2009

Abstract: At Curtin Business School (CBS) in Western Australia all first year business students undertake a general Accounting unit as part of the common core of units in the Bachelor of Commerce. Experience has shown that, in their second year, students have difficulty gaining the more specialised discipline knowledge of the Accounting (Financial) 250 unit. Moreover, the learning gap experienced by students as they move from the generalised to the specialised unit is exacerbated if students learn through distance education or attend offshore campuses rather than face-to-face at CBS in Bentley. To overcome these difficulties Siân Flynne investigated alternative approaches to the teaching and learning of this unit. Over two years, she negotiated with consultants to tailor the Perdisco e-learning resources to the learning outcomes of the Accounting (Financial) 250 unit, trialled and implemented the learning program. Evidence of the effectiveness of this approach was collected through quantitative data such as students’ results and unit evaluation scores; qualitative data was collected through student surveys and anecdotal feedback. The results showed that students’ learning was significantly enhanced through the use of the Perdisco e-learning resources. The results were disseminated locally as a case study and now internationally through this paper.

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