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Here's the deal: Use an e-workbook this semester - it's the easiest way to study your course, stay on track and get the grades you want.

At the end of the semester when you get that well deserved high-distinction, you can thank us then. If, by some strange reason you fail the course, we'll be happy to refund the price of your e-workbook. That's how confident we are!

Now here's our 7 simple terms and conditions. If you'd like to read the fine print, just click on '(More info)' or click here to show all!

1. That's right, we'll refund the price of your e-workbook if you fail your course (More info)

2. But we're not mind readers - so you have to tell us if you want a refund (More info)

3. Of course, we'll need proof that you actually failed the course (More info)

4. And you must have bought the e-workbook (More info)

5. It must be the right e-workbook for your course (More info)

6. And of course, you must have actually used it to study (More info)

7. Once we receive your claim, we'll get back to you ASAP (if not sooner) (More info)