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A Revolution in Accounting Education

Financial Accounting, Third Edition is a rigorous introductory accounting textbook, with integrated online supplements that offer the best of today's web technologies, including: student engagement and performance analytics, search, tag clouds, social networking, video and podcasting.

Students can read the textbook online, have it printed on-demand and delivered to their door, or download and listen to the audio podcast series while on-the-go.

In the classroom, your teaching is supported with integrated lecture slides and AutoGrade pop quizzes. Away from class, your students can put the theory they’re learning into practice with VirtualTutor questions that immediately provide personalized, step-by-step feedback. And when you set homework, your textbook’s customized Algorithmic Homework exercises will prevent students from cheating and automatically grade your students’ work.

But most importantly, the Financial Accounting, Third Edition 360Textbook offers a tightly integrated pedagogy that blends all of these technologies with the easy-to-understand visual teaching style of Raechel Wight, to make the mastery of accounting more achievable for your students. Your 360Textbook will immerse students in reading, watching, listening to, and experiencing accounting - while supportively encouraging them to test their knowledge and reflect on their learning.

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