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Perdisco publishes innovative resources to assist both students and instructors across a range of Statistics subjects. More information is provided on each of our titles below:

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Introductory Statistics, Third Edition by Shaun J. Thompson

The Introductory Statistics textbook offers students a new and more thorough approach to learning. Academically consistent and tightly integrated, this interactive resource combines narrative theory, vivid instructional videos, integrated Algorithmic Homework case studies and audio podcasts to immerse students in Statistics from every learning angle.

E-Workbooks Introductory Statistics

Introductory Statistics

Introduces students to the tools and methods of statistical analysis: collecting data, developing tools, analysing data, making and testing inferences and modelling.

What are E‑Workbooks?

Algorithmic Assessment Custom Published Algorithmic Assessment

Custom published assessment resources

Using any combination of topics from the E-workbook titles above, we can customise an interactive assessment resource that exactly mirrors the content of your course. For more information, contact us.