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Perdisco publishes innovative resources to assist both students and instructors across a range of Mathematics subjects. More information is provided on each of our titles below:


What are E‑Workbooks?

Business Mathematics e-workbook

Business Mathematics

Introduces the fundamental mathematical tools used in finance and builds a working knowledge of basic business calculations. Suitable for students with no previous experience of financial transactions or the mathematics that underlie them.

Financial Mathematics e-workbook

Financial Mathematics

Introduces the mathematical tools used in finance and develops a command of business calculations. Facilitates a strong understanding of financial mathematics and its application to a wide range of transactions.

Mathematical Techniques in Finance e-workbook

Mathematical Techniques in Finance

Thoroughly explores the advanced mathematical techniques used in modern finance. Covers the theory of interest and analysis of techniques used in pricing, financing, investing, trading and managing risks and returns. Combines academic thought, proof, theory and the application of formulas.

Algorithmic Assessment Custom Published Algorithmic Assessment

Custom published assessment resources

Using any combination of topics from the E-workbook titles above, we can customise an interactive assessment resource that exactly mirrors the content of your course. For more information, contact us.