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MYOB Software Practice Sets

Our MYOB accounting practice sets teach students the practical skills essential to accounting using MYOB.

This requires students to complete a one-month accounting cycle for a fictional business with all posting, journalising and financial reporting completed using the actual MYOB accounting software.

What are we doing differently
to other publishers?

  • Realtime feedback for students: Our online VirtualTutor practice sets provide ongoing feedback to students and assist them to get back-on-track by helping to locate and correct errors. Students tell us that this is like having a personal tutor available 24/7 to help them whenever they need it.
  • Automatic grading for instructors: Our online VirtualTutor practice sets are graded automatically, saving instructors from having to spend the time of doing this themselves. However, if instructors prefer to grade each practice set personally, they can still adopt a practice set that gives them this option.
  • Preventing students from cheating: Our exclusive AntiCheat functionality distributes unique transactions, contexts and numeric values to each individual student to ensure students cannot copy each others' work.

Instructors: Desk copy and interactive demonstration

No other computerised practice set is able to offer instructors and their students the same features we do. If you are an instructor, please contact us now to find out more or to order a review copy and receive access to an interactive demonstration.

Instructors: Don't teach MYOB?

If your accounting course teaches students how to use a different accounting software package, or focuses on how to complete the accounting cycle manually, please check our catalogue for more information on the other practice set editions we have available.

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