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AutoGrade technology

Our VirtualTutor technology allows you to select whether you want to grade the practice set yourself, or have it done automatically for you:

Instructor grading

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Using a grading guide provided by Perdisco, instructors manually grade their students' work and provide individual feedback if time permits.


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To save you time and money on grading, our online VirtualTutor practice sets grade themselves as students complete them. Perdisco’s exclusive AutoGrade functionality assigns more than four hundred (400+) points to the MYOB VirtualTutor practice set and, in doing so, achieves very fine grained control over grading outcomes.

Our AutoGrade implementation has been designed by a team of accounting instructors, instructional designers and computer professionals, whose aim was to replicate the judgments an instructor would make when hand-grading traditional paper practice sets - in a manner that is guaranteed to be without bias.

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