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What are instructors saying about Perdisco?

'Thank you for being so helpful throughout our first semester with your MYOB on-line assignment. I was impressed with the concept when I first saw it, I am even more so now that I have seen it in action.'

Pat Thompson, Lecturer in Accounting, University of Ballarat

'I really like the Perdisco online practice set. It is priced well and really helpful. It makes my life easier by requiring students to review and consolidate their basic knowledge. My intermediate students are much better prepared than in past years. I continue to recommend it to my colleagues.'

Leslie Oakes, Associate Professor of Accounting, University of New Mexico

Siân Flynne 'Perdisco has motivated students to sustain their interest in the course. With the Perdisco e-learning assignment, students have not only been learning while doing the assignment, they are also more confident, more interested in the unit material and have remained engaged throughout the entire semester.'

Siân Flynne, Lecturer, Curtin University of Technology (pictured)

Ellen Gundlach 'After assessing students in previous semesters using instructor-written problems on Blackboard, the biggest complaint we received was the lack of feedback students were being provided. Students wanted better explanations for why they were getting things wrong. We found the quality and detail of explanations on Perdisco to be excellent, with homework becoming much more of a teaching tool than in the past. We tell our students that Perdisco is as much of an asset to their learning as their textbook is!'

Ellen Gundlach, Course Coordinator, Purdue University (pictured)

Dr Carole Comerton-Forde 'The Perdisco e-workbook is an effective self-study tool which provides students with lots of practice questions. It is particularly useful because it gives students immediate feedback on their understanding of the course material.'

Dr Carole Comerton-Forde, Associate Dean, The University of Sydney (pictured)

Ron Reilly 'The improvement in academic performance reported in this subject after the use of the Perdisco e-workbooks has been quite dramatic. Even more encouraging has been the very positive response of students to the e-workbook.'

Ron Reilly, Academic Director, Insearch UTS (pictured)

John Shepherd 'I chose Perdisco because they could deliver the kind of learning resource I believed would be beneficial, and because their expertise, their integrity, their professional service, and the quality of their work were impressive.'

John Shepherd, Associate Professor, Macquarie University (pictured)

What are students saying about Perdisco?

'The instant results really give you motivation to do and complete each assessment.'

Student, Charles Sturt University Distance Campus

'The process of completing the required assessment helped me to review my lessons and my notes. It forced me to really think about the reasons instead of just following the examples!I [I could] re-construct my knowledge frame through the process and get better prepared for the exam.'

Student, Curtin University

'The detailed feedback is an outstanding feature of this learning site.'

Student, University of Adelaide

'The practice problems were a huge help! It was great to see types of questions that we'd see on the graded assignment before we were actually graded on them. It also helped me figure out which parts of the material I was struggling with.'

Student, Purdue University

'I liked that it challenges you as a person to see if you actually understand the subject and it catches the attention of the user.'

Student, California State University, Fresno

'It forced me to learn and understand concepts to complete the questions, which means that I am better prepared for the exam. Also I got a better sense of the practical application of the accounting systems we were learning about in class. I also thought the feedback pages were very comprehensive and helpful.'

Student, University of Sydney

'It makes me understand fully the frame work within which the accounting practice and principles operates. It has makes the study of accounting much more interesting than I had earlier anticipated.'

Student, Waikato University

'I liked the fact that it followed along with the real world applications I will find at work in some ways. It made me think and apply what I already knew to achieve on this practice set. I also liked that you got to see the answer immediately after submission.'

Student, Central New Mexico Community College

'I really liked the fact that I was given real life transactions and forms to analyze and fill out. I enjoyed completing this project and wish my professor assigned more throughout the semester.'

Student, Penn State University, Herrick

'There is a good variety of transactions. Web browser system is intuitive and easy to maneuver. Flow of work is good. Very reasonably priced.'

Student, University of New Mexico

'As a distance student, Perdisco gave me the tutorial support not otherwise found when studying off campus.'

Student, Charles Sturt University

'The weekly assignments made practice and study necessary. This is a great idea to push students to study regularly.'

Student, Insearch UTS

'It's quite exciting. I feel like I am really working for a company.'

Student, Curtin University

'When I began the learning the thought of it scared me but as soon as I started it, it became all too easy. I enjoyed the practice set alot and learned alot from it.'

Student, Southern Cross University

'It just brought the material to life much more than paper journals. My understanding of accounting deepened through this medium.'

Student, California State University, Stanislaus

'It is easy to complete and understand. I also like the layout of the page when there are a lot of information displayed on the page. The tabs are useful because I can focus on one part of the problem at a time without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that is needed.'

Student, Calfornia State University, Fresno

'Very helpful! I learned a lot content wise but it also showed me where I needed to be more careful.'

Student, University of Sydney

'I could see how all the accounting processes we learnt are applied to a real business. The areas covered were very thorough.'

Student, University of Sydney

'Instant feedback, ample information to help you along, hints and reminders were useful and helpful.'

Student, University of Sydney

'I like how the whole course revolves around the accounting scenario of one business from start to finish, while fixing my [frequent] mistakes along the way. I had fun doing Perdisco to say the least.'

Student, University of Sydney

'I liked the simplicity and informative nature of the workbook. The educational level and content helped me gain a deeper understanding of the course.'

Student, UNSW

'After completing the practice set, I feel as though I have mastered the accounting cycle. The experience goes far beyond what could be learnt in a textbook.'

Student, UNSW

'This software taught me more about the accounting than just reading about it in the textbook. Interactive is definitely the way to go.'

Student, UNSW

'The idea of how it's setup helped me to correlate how the various accounts go together and interact. That's hard to understand sometimes just reading the textbook.'

Student, University of West Georgia

'The feedback was great - it was like having my own personal tutor whenever and wherever I needed it. If I couldn't understand a problem instead of just giving me the answer it showed me how to calculate it so I could confidently tackle the next question.'

Erin, James Cook University

'I have found Perdisco to be an invaluable resource. My two highest marks for any courses so far have been from courses which were accompanied by Perdisco e-workbooks. I hope that more e-workbooks will become available for my courses later down the track!'

Max, University of Sydney

'The Perdisco practice set was a very comprehensive exercise, covering all topics from our accounting course outline. The depth and breadth of the questions made me realise how much I did and didn't know! Because accounting is a practical subject, the practice set allowed me to practice the theory we had learnt in class and apply it to a business situation. There was a lot of work to do, but the depth of the exercise provided me with well-needed practice of the subject.'

Melissa, University of New South Wales

'If it was not for Perdisco and the detailed feedback it provided, I am positive I would have failed the course. I would definitely recommend this system to other students.'

David, University of South Australia

'I can finish studying what has been set by the lecturer and still not have a full grasp on what is going on, but by the time I have done lots and lots of your relevant questions, I have a good understanding of whats going on!! Thankyou!!'

Linda, Curtin University of Technology

'I would highly recommend Perdisco for all correspondence units. It really made me understand the topics that we were studying, and the immediate feedback let you know straight away if you were on the right track.'

Caitlin, Edith Cowan University

'I liked having the immediate feedback with the step-by-step solutions to the questions. The questions and answers were worded well and simple to understand. I also liked that I was able to repeat the exercises as much as I wanted to.'

Lily, RMIT University

'The detailed answers to both the theory and calculation questions were very helpful as you could see immediately where you went wrong. Also it was very convenient for me to have each topic subdivided into smaller categories. I find it easier to learn if concepts are separated into 'bite-size chunks'.'

Ming, Queensland University of Technology

'The practice set is a great simulation in that it gives you the opportunity to have a mock business and do all the book work for that business. It seemed to help put all the work together and show the interrelations of the different tasks. Also, the way that all workings were shown with the answer so you can work out how to accomplish something you may have gotten wrong was very useful.'

Lauren, Charles Sturt University

'I loved that I could go over module subjects again and again to hone my skills. This really helped me understand and learn statistics, despite finding the subject rather challenging.'

Shane, University of Tasmania

'It is really easy to use, convenient and the instant feedback is of great help for better understanding the course material. It made me a whole lot more confident and answered some of my queries instantly giving me the chance to further develop and come to answers myself.'

Marina, Edith Cowan University

'I love that I can work at my own pace, and if I needed to really concentrate on a particular area, I was able to do as many questions as I wanted in that area. Also, receiving the immediate feedback with comprehensive solutions really assisted my learning. It was much better than carrying around a heavy textbook with limited opportunities to test myself.'


'I liked that you could do assessments online over a period of time without an expressly short time limit. I thought that it had a good variety of questions and filled in the gaps that were in the lectures.'


'The Perdisco e-workbook really assisted my learning. There were many different practice questions with timely feedback to point out my weaknesses.'


'The best bit about the e-workbook was the way in which it provided step-by-step answers to questions in the feedback section after completing a task. This is because in other electronic quizzes that I have done at University, you are usually only given the answer if you get a question wrong, or at the very most, a solution that tends to skip from one point to the next, without any logic or reasoning for why the working has been done.'