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MYOB Learning Centre

Our MYOB learning centre is a resource that is specifically designed to help accounting students learn how to use the MYOB Accounting Plus software. Since the learning centre is available online, your students can access our extensive learning resources at any time to learn the software at their own pace.

Our MYOB learning center offers students:

  • video tutorials
  • numerous screen illustrations and
  • detailed step-by-step instructions

explaining key software features so that students do not feel intimidated or overwhelmed if they have never used accounting software before.

Learning Centre screenshot

Integrated with Perdisco's MYOB practice set

Perdisco’s authors and instructional team have specially designed the MYOB learning centre as a fully integrated learning resource for our MYOB practice set. As well as being openly available outside our practice set, the learning center is built into the practice set itself. This means your students will be able to access the learning centre from within their practice set as and when they require the support that it affords.

Further, since the same authoring team (of academic, instructional, editorial, and IT experts) worked together to create the practice set, the learning centre and the VirtualTutor’s AutoGrading algorithms, the instructional design of the unified resources extends deeply into every aspect of their coordinated operations. For example, where a concept within the practice set is taught directly in the learning centre it is graded with fewer points (because it is deemed to be easier) than similar concepts within the practice set that have been designed to extend the teaching material provided within the learning centre.

Helpful, but students cannot use it to cheat

This design approach, coupled with our AntiCheat technology, encourages active learning because students cannot merely use the learning center to answer their practice set. Instead, students must engage with applying the learning centre to the real-world situations presented within the practice set and the best students will identify (and be rewarded for identifying) some of the subtle nuances and complexities genuinely faced by real-world accountants who must use the MYOB software to achieve value-added financial accounting outcomes for their employers and clients.

How much does it cost? Absolutely nothing!

Perdisco is proud to make our MYOB learning centre openly and freely available on the internet for everyone and anyone to use at anytime. While we feel it is most powerfully used in conjunction with our integrated VirtualTutor MYOB practice set, our learning centre nevertheless stands alone as a value-added teaching and learning resource for MYOB Accounting Plus. Please tell others about this fantastic free learning resource. If you or any of your teaching colleagues want to use our Learning Centre to teach MYOB without any obligation to use our practice set – please do so! We created the learning centre for the teaching community and want it to be used.

See it for yourself

Visit the MYOB learning centre now.